Deco Breeze Calming 3-Wick Glass Candle

Deco Breeze Calming 3-Wick Glass Candle
Manufacturer: Deco Breeze

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Calming Scent
4.5" Diameter x 3.5" Height
Approximate Burn Time: 120 Hours
Part of our Naturals Collection, the Calming 3 Wick Brick offers a lavender aroma and beautiful color palette. Its fragrance will calm you and bring you a sense of balance, while its deep purple color provides visual excitement. The clear glass container is ringed with a cord from which several berries hang, adding to its decorative charm.

The Calming 3 Wick Glass features Lavender, Gardenia and Jasmine with undertones of Vanilla and Dewy Melon, to relieve fatigue and evoke the feelings you get from spending a day at the spa. This candle will make a welcome addition to any home, providing both visual and aromatic stimulation. Purchase one for yourself or treat someone else with this very special gift.