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Dead Down Wind
Dead Down Wind's™ focus has always been to produce the safest, most effective products possible by using science as our foundation. We are driven to develop products capable of eliminating the toughest and widest range of odors. Contrary to what a competitor may claim... there isn't a single product that is effective on EVERY type of odor. From the beginning, Dead Down Wind™ has led the way - using real science and developing specific products to control the odors that matter. Scent prevention is a process and a routine. Hunters plan and strategize each and every season on how to go undetected for that opportunity of a lifetime. The goal being to reduce your odor signatures to the lowest possible level. Dead Down Wind™ uses enzymes - a natural catalyst for change. They break down odors at a molecular level, a process we call Enzyme ScentPrevent® or ESP. The use of enzymes allows Dead Down Wind™ products to eliminate a wider range of odors. We call this technology 3D+ Broad Spectrum. While some might have you believe the only thing you need to concern yourself with is bacteria related to perspiration, that is simply not the case. Hunters carry many foreign odors to the field that can alert whitetail or other big game animals. The science behind a big game animal's nose will tell you it's looking for any telltale odor that might give them an idea of who or what is in the area. That's why we specifically formulate for a broad range of odor control, not just one type of bacteria. Dead Down Wind™ does not offer cover scent. Scent Prevention is a discipline and process that requires a complete system that focuses on our three-phase system. Laundry, Hygiene and Field which actively work together to kill bacteria, not just covering odor but annihilating right at the source. Real Science. Real Results.
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