Cuddeback Dual Power Bank Model PW-3563

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The new Dual Power Bank will offer a simple solution for those that want extended battery life for any and all Cuddelink J's, Gs and new Dual Cell cameras and home units. The Dual Power bank will allow units to run on alkaline batteries and/or solar rechargeable batteries in two separate banks which will increase battery life in virtually any situation in excess of 6 months. With the Dual power bank, you can run two banks of alkaline D's or you can run one bank of D's and run rechargeable batteries in the other bank and plug a solar panel into that bank. The camera will run on the rechargeable until they get low then switch to the alkaline. Or you can run alkaline in both sides, you will get a notification on your report when one bank is low or dead which then will allow you an additional 120-day window before you need to change anything out. This will allow the consumer to deploy his Dual cell and or Cuddelink system in spring /early summer and run it maintenance/visit free thru the hunting season or longer.

  • Specifications for Cuddeback Dual Power Bank:
  • Color: Brown
  • 1/4 Sec Trigger Speed
  • 20MP Images
  • Dual Flash System
  • CuddeLink compatible and CuddeLink Cell compatible
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