Clam JM Meat Stick Rod 24" Medium

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Clam JM Meat Stick Rod 24" Medium
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Sanded glass rods feature a feather-light tip that loads to an extremely heavy backbone. The Meat Stick rods and combos are balanced to load perfectly with heavier lures, yet enables anglers to watch for the lightest pickups. Great for dead sticking with live bait as well. The Meat Stick line up will feature a Tack-Grip handle, which adds weight above the reel for balancing the tip for increased sensitivity, along with creating a better gripping surface.

24 Medium Action Rod (8473) Most popular length for panfish anglers who want both sensitivity and subtleness in their presentation along with backbone for incidental larger fish like bass. Great all purpose length that can work well inside shelters or outside when kneeling or fishing off a bucket.