Church Tackle Walleye Board Pro-Pack

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Church Tackle Walleye Board Pro-Pack
Frank's Great Outdoors | Church Tackle

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- Includes  2 Walleye Boards(1 starboard and 1 port)  and 2 Double Action Flag Systems!
- World and State Record fish have been caught behind this board!
- Adjustable Flex Clip, makes it simple to adjust to different line diameters for a better grip to hold on ultra braids, monofilament, lead core or copper lines, yet easily releases with one hand for the fastest release on the water
- Rear pin makes it easy to attach your board to your line and makes it virtually impossible to lose your board unless the line breaks.
- Adjustable Keel Weight, so you can manually balance to compensate for waves and tackle
- Bright fluorescent Red makes them easy to see
- Board size: 10" L x 3 1/2" W
- The Double Action Flag System is great for light striking fish
- The flag can be adjusted for different lures and speeds by simply moving the adjustment lever up or down
- Easy to install and use
- Can be set for a flag up or down alert