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Every BuckStik Features:

  • Interactive top leaves, coconut fiber rope, and vine – perfect for use as a licking branch, capturing scent and starting a productive mock scrape
  • Forehead Strip – the forehead strip is designed to hold and collect hair, dirt, and gland secretions from bucks when they use it as a rubbing post
  • Scent Pad – located at the bottom of the Buckstik, the scent pad is designed to hold the Interdigital gland scent, completing the perfect presentation of all three glands provided with every Buckstik.
  • Includes a set of (3) 5ml spray bottles of separate gland scents – Preorbital, forehead, and interdigital – packaged in easy-to-use spray bottles **CAUTION – USE SPARINGLY AND ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS TO AVOID SPOOKING DEER**
  • Durable 3/8” fiberglass, two piece stick designed for years of use and deer interaction.
  • Step in anchor for added stability and ease of installation.

ENHANCE YOUR BUCKSTIK: Deer love the scent of Pine and tend to congregate in these areas where available. Enhance your Buckstik with the Pine Pitch add on. Generously apply the Pine Pitch to the BuckStik's forehead strip in season. Available in a 2.3" H x 0.6" diameter tube that will last multiple seasons. 

BuckStik Ships complete in self-storage tube 3" x 40" and is easily transported in the field. 

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