Browning Wasatch Vapor Max Tee

Browning Wasatch Vapor Max Tee
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Late summer and early fall are prime hunting seasons. These months are often to warm for insulated hunting gear, and by afternoon, too warm to even be outside. But if a year's worth of hunting drive takes you into the woods with your bow or rifle Wasatch Vapor Max is a great place to start.

Vapor Max is made from 100% sweat-wicking polyester fabric that pulls perspiration away from your skin and moves it to the outer fabric where it evaporates away. This process you from feeling clammy when it's hot, and helps keep you warm on chilly mornings. OdorSmart Technology uses silver ions to control the bacteria that causes body odors, a trait you'll appreciate when stalking deer and your buddies will appreciate in camp. Vapor Max's wicking properties make it ideal as either a base layer, or an only layer. The comfortable, loose fit of the shirt means it is comfortable and non-binding - traits you need when drawing a bow or swinging on doves.

Wasatch Fieldwear is available in popular camo patterns to help you melt into whatever background you are hunting in.
100% Polyester Vapor Max fabric
Transfers moisture away from your body
Quick drying and evaporating
OdorSmart technology featuring Visa Endurance silver ion anti-microbial technology
Crew neck
Short sleeve