Brecks 1/4 oz. Quick Silver-BP PUR

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Brecks 1/4 oz. Quick Silver-BP PUR
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Length: 3-1/4", Weight: 1/4 oz., Color: Black Perl/Purple. The Williams Quick Silver was designed for action. Proven by 4 consecutive years of 1st place showings in the Lake Ontario Chinook Classic. The Quick Silver with its genuine Williams silver plate or black perl finish draws aggressive strikes from Chinook salmon and great lakes trout. It has also become a well known and trusted favorite for other members of the trout family as well as walleye, northerns and musky. The range of sizes and color accents combined with an either genuine silver or black perl base offers the angler a varied selection to suit any situation. The Unique design and action of the Williams Quick Silver imitates a distressed bait fish. Match the size of your quarry's preferred prey as a general rule. However, some days, larger or smaller will trigger strikes. Experiment with different colors and sizes until you find the right combination for that particular day. The baitfish imprint allowing the surface silver flash of the lure to reflect through imitates a scale pattern. Combined with the baitfish profile and proven action of the Quick Silver, this bait keeps getting better.