Blood Run Tackle Walleye Copper Wire 20# 100yd.

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Blood Run Tackle Walleye Copper Wire 20# 100yd.
Manufacturer: Blood Run Tackle

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20lb test copper trolling wire specifically designed for open water and river trolling scenarios, flatlined or run off planer boards. Walleye Copper Trolling Wire from Blood Run is a nickel/tin coated stranded copper wire designed to achieve greater depths with less line out than leadcore. One of the most significant advantages of the stranded twist copper wire from Blood Run is it's pliability and user-friendly design. With smooth payout and small diameter, segments of up to 300 feet fit easily on small sized level wind reels most often used by Walleye trollers.

Easy to remember dive curves of 8 foot of depth for every 50 feet of copper (2.5 gps speed) make segmenting setups a snap. Most walleye copper fisherman will rig multiple rods with proven segments and run them in succession off inline and large ski planer boards. Shallow water fisheries such as Green Bay, Saginaw Bay, Mississippi River and West Basin Erie tend to run short segments of 20 to 65 feet with crawler harnesses, crankbaits and small walleye spoons. East Basin Erie, Bay De Noc, open water Lake Huron and Midwest reservoirs favor longer setups of 150 to 300 foot segments to target suspended walleye feeding in the 30 to 60 foot range.

Designed for pulling shallow and deep running stickbaits for suspended walleyes, crawler harnesses and mini spoons. Pinpoint trolling depth and angle with more accuracy than leadcore!

Leadcore for walleyes was great, we used it, and loved it! There was a small problem however. When the wind piled water up on the wrong side of Lake Erie, or pushed it out of Saginaw and Green Bay it posed an interesting perdicament. Sooner or later that water was coming back, and with it a whole lot of current. Current does to leadcore what the wind does to pollen, it pushes it everywhere. Shallow lakes, bays and resevoirs are frequently dealth with large water movements which creates current, and we must fish it whether we like it or not.

We didn't want our rigs everywhere, we wanted them pulling directly straight behind our inlines and big boards, and not tangling with one another. In addition, we wanted to cut down through the current and temperature layers to get to where the active fish were feeding. Blood Run 20lb Walleye Super Copper accomplishes exactly that, with the added bonus of even less line out than leadcore to reach the same depths.

To take it even a step further, we could pack more line on our reels because of the small diameter, and we could SEE and FEEL the bite right up to the rod tip with copper, where we just simply lost that transmission with core, particularly in rough water. The semi-stiffness of copper pulls and drops with wave surge off our planer boards, which we believe entices following 'eyes even more.

And last but not least as a favorite trick in the Mississippi and other major river systems, because copper can cut the current and is so sensitive to even the smallest in SOG changes, we can literally fish tiny pieces of structure with precision by adjusting the throttle...all because copper is so sensitive in its responsiveness to speed changes.