Blood Run Tackle Downrigger Monofilament

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Blood Run Tackle Downrigger Monofilament 308808 Clear 20# 300yd.

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Blood Run Tackle Downrigger Monofilament

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No other application for pulling monofilament comes close to the abuse this line type can be exposed to than running it off downriggers. You stretch out your lead and then twist it and pinch it into a release...and that is only the start!

Kings cruising across 150lb test downrigger cables, running around your outdowns and then doing the twist through your set of wire divers is where the rubber meets the road for mono.

Less than 1% of the mono available on the market comes with any type of abrasion resistant coating to it whatsoever. After you put the fish on the deck, slam the cooler on your line, drag it through a net and heave it back out for the next set, that piece of mono has been through the ringer.

If you work the rigger bite day in and day out and expect the best when it comes to tournament time, then you are going to demand more than the unexpected break off when it matters most.

The crew at Blood Run sat down and put together a pretty lengthy list of "must-haves" and worst case scenario's when it comes to mono rigger fishing, and we put together a new breed of line for the task.

Extra abrasion resistant coatings, shock absorbent resins and excellent knot strength all play part in our new downrigger mono.

The next time you drop the chute and it takes off before you turn around, you can rest assured you have the right line on the line.

Available in Clear .017 inch diameter.