Biologic Non-Typical Clover 8# 1 Acre

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Biologic Non-Typical Clover 8# 1 Acre
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There's no denying the powerful attraction of clover for hungry whitetails and wild turkeys! After years of research we have finally developed one of the easiest to grow, most nutritious, clover blends on the market. BioLogic's Non Typical Clover , is our exclusive clover variety available only from Mossy Oak BioLogic. This clover planting has been extensively tested and chosen for its proven durability, nutrition, and attraction. Recent field trials have shown Non Typical Clover has a track record of quick stand establishment, aggressive stolon (stem) growth, heavy forage output, and long term stand persistence. Non Typical Clover can perform for 3-5 years with proper management including mowing, fertilization according to soil test, and weed control with herbicides.