Biologic New Zealand Maximum 2.25lb

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Biologic New Zealand Maximum 2.25lb
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Maximum contains 100 percent New Zealand Brassicas that can be planted in either the spring or the fall. This mixture is the ultimate in attractiveness and nutrition for whitetails, yielding as much as 10 tons of forage per acre. The plant species in this blend mature at different rates to ensure that highly palatable forage is available during the entire life of the plot, and it also grows in a wide variety of soil conditions. Maximum will concentrate the feeding habits of the deer on your property, enhancing hunting, wildlife viewing and even more important, tightening the core area of your deer herd. This blend is best planted by spreading the seed on a well prepared seedbed at nine pounds per acre, then using a cultipacker to cover the seed. Broadcasting the seed on a well prepared seedbed just prior to rain also produces an excellent stand as the rain serves to bury the seed the appropriate depth(1/4") and ensure there is adequate soil moisture for germination. Disking is not recommended as this process buries the seed too deep for survival. Maximum is very hardy and will germinate in drier conditions than other common fall food plot crops. There must be some soil moisture available. The crop should ideally be planted a minimum of 30 days before the first frost date, in any of the planting zones.