Biologic Full Draw 10lb

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Biologic Full Draw 10lb
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Full Draw has a track record of being the most attractive fall food plot blend ever offered to deer managers and hunters. These plants have proven to attract deer and offer them critical nutrition from germination until the plots mature, well after hunting season. This blend is best planted by spreading the seed on a well prepared seedbed at 10 lbs. per acre, and then using a cultipacker to cover the seed. Broadcasting the seed on a well prepared seedbed just prior to rain also produces an excellent stand as the rain serves to bury the seed at the appropriate depth(1/4") and ensure there is adequate soil moisture for germination. Full draw can be planted anytime after mid August in the south, and as late as mid October, provided adequate soil moisture is present. In northern climates like MI and NY, it should be planted at least 30-50 days before frost date, depending on available soil moisture. 30 lbs. for 3 acres.