Big Shot Targets

Big Shot Targets
The BIGshot story begins: In 2003 I had some problems with mechanical broadheads opening and getting pass throughs, so I decided at that time to move to fixed broadheads. I started to test various brands and quickly shot up my layered target in a matter of weeks. Having two young boys at the time, I wanted something larger to act as a backstop so we weren’t chasing arrows all day. The problem was that a large format layered target was about $ 400.00 which was not in my budget. After weeks of trial and error, I eventually came across a material and design that worked well. At my next 3D shoot, I told a couple of friends what I had built and they asked if I would make one for them. I delivered them at our next 3D shoot. When they guys at the club saw it, I received 7 more orders… can see where this is going. Since we seemed to have a product people wanted, we needed to have a name. I sat down with my sons and we started thinking about what to call the targets. The targets were BIG and they took lots of SHOTS, so being creative types, we came up with the name BIGshot Targets. We began to take trailer loads to other club 3D shoots and got a tremendous response. Some of the guys who bought our targets told their dealers about us and in 2004 we started to get orders from dealers. This is probably the point where we realized we were solving a real problem and that this could be a business. Today BIGshot Archery LLC offers a full line of field point, broadhead and Commercial Range Targets. We continue to expand with hundreds dealers around the country. Our Vision is to provide quality targets that solve real problems for archers, archery pro shops and archery clubs. At the same time we are creating jobs, economic improvement and recycling opportunities in the northeast. Our philosophy of doing business aligns with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous quote “Doing well is the result of doing good. That’s what capitalism is all about”. To that end, we will strive to do good work for our customers, dealers and range owners with the hope of continued support and growth from this community.
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