Best Outdoors C'Mere Deer 40oz Buck Juice

Best Outdoors C'Mere Deer 40oz Buck Juice
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Michael's Buck Juice 40oz. concentrate contains C'mere Deer's newest revolutionized research product. The formula has been designed for maximum strength and effectiveness to attract Whitetail deer. By combining a proprietary blend of plant, root, bean, and certain berry extracts Michael's Buck Juice has taken the word "attractant" to the next level! Even the wisest old Bucks can't resist it! Apply a heavy mist of Buck Juice on any natural food source or vegetation that you desire to attract deer to. (On the 1st application, total saturation is advised to get the deer introduced to the attractant!). When used in our 1.33 gallon Sprayer simply fill the remainder of the Sprayer with non-chlorinated water and you're ready for use. The use of non-sterilized or contaminated containers could hinder the attractant's effectiveness.