Berkley Hit Stick

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high-speed rolling balsa action – but the Berkley® Hit Stick has done just that. True balsa-like action with the weight, durability, and casting ability of a hard-plastic lure. The Hit Stick delivers ultimate versatility with action that can be used as a finesse jerk bait, trolling bait, or casting bait for all predator fish.

Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Pro Tip 3.5: Great from the shore or a boat – cast or troll in the spring when baitfish are small and predator fish are shallow.

Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Pro Tip 5 and 7: Fish are often active on the windy side of structure or on the windblown shoreline – these small baits cast great even in blustery conditions. Can be trolled slowly in cooler water or retrieved quickly in warmer water.

Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Pro Tip 9 and 11: The most versatile sizes, the 9 and 11, can be trolled, cast with straight retrieve, or fished as a finesse jerk bait.

Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Pro Tip 13 and 15: Go big for big fish! Cast for big pike, bass, and muskies, and troll for giant walleyes. With the rolling wagging action and high pitch rattles, this bait provokes strikes from the biggest fish in the lake, river, or reservoir.


  • The largest rolling action of any Berkley® hard bait
  • Maximum side flash is activated at even the slowest speeds (down to 1.0mph)
  • Tight, finesse tail action
  • Integrated FlashDisc™ improves tracking stability and accuracy and gives the bait true balsa-like action
  • High pitch rattle to attract predator game fish
  • Hit Stick 3.5: Sinks
  • Hit Stick 5-15 Sizes: Floats
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks


BAIT LENGTH 2in | 5cm 5 1/9in | 13cm 2 3/4in | 7cm 3 1/2in | 9cm 4 1/2in | 11cm 5 1/9in | 13cm 6in | 15cm
BAIT SIZE 5 (1/7 oz) 13 (1/2 oz) 7 (1/4 oz) 9 (1/4 oz) 11 (1/3 oz) 13 (1/2 oz) 15 (8/9 oz)
HOOK SIZE 12 6 8 8 8 6 4
PACKAGE COUNT 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
SWIMMING DEPTH 2'-5' | 0.5-1.5m 3'-6' | 0.9m-1.8m 2'-5' | 0.5-1.5m 2.5'-6' 3'-6' | 0.9m-1.8m 3'-6' | 0.9m-1.8m 6'-9' | 1.8m-2.7m
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