Bending Branches Spindrift GR Lam/T-700

Bending Branches Spindrift GR Lam/T-700
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Try out th new highperformance paddle with compression molded blades that maximize stiffness and
reduce weight fro Bending Branches. The Spindrift blades have a foam core to add buoyancy, increasing performance and assisting with rolling and bracing.

The dihedral blade shape reduces the energy required to pull the paddle through water and eliminates
flutter. The Spindrift blades are precision balanced to reduce torque and wrist fatigue.

The Spindrift is a top-of-the-line choice for light touring and offers both the Push Button Takedown and
Telescoping Ferrule shaft options, creating a better fit and reducing paddler fatigue. The Telescoping
Ferrule won't seize up in sand or salt water.

The carbon shaft has a multilayered design using aerospace T700 Carbon fiber, providing amazing
durability for the weight.