Bechhold & Son Bad Ass Flutter Bullet 11"

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Bechhold & Son Bad Ass Flutter Bullet 11" 070777203355 Bullseye/Chartreuse Super Clow 11"

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Bechhold & Son Bad Ass Flutter Bullet 11"

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Bechhold & Son Flasher & Lure Company is based out of Foresthill, California. We use only the world's best components & craftsmanship in our flashers and lures. Our flasher are designed with a beveled edge to produce the best prismatic effect through the water… we have also designed our flasher with three different actions, by use of three eyelets at the butt end. Our flashers action is superior to anything on the market! In addition, please try out our new UV flashers. This new invention was desgined so that it has a tremendous enhancement in UV efficiency. They are made of a patent pending high index; highly reflective coated material. They are designed to work in deep water or dark water conditions. Our reports coming in on them are that they are out-fishing the competition by 5 to 1.