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Bear Paw

Bear Paw
In 2001, a young Tom Romeo was searching for a sign that would help him choose between his two passions. Like many people, Tom has a special spot that is his “happy place”, where he finds time to meditate and listen to nature. While sitting on the special rock located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, a massive bear suddenly paused a short ways away from him, stared directly at him for a moment, and decided to move along without any confrontation. This magical experience had to be some sort of sign, and it inspired Tom to seek out the meaning of this encounter. Tom soon learned that a bear crossing is viewed by many as a sign of good luck and while symbolizing strength, the bear serves as a guide for many at an impasse. All doubt had gone away for Tom and he knew this was an opportunity to start his own shoe company founded on this great animal, with the name BEARPAW as an homage to his chance meeting with that bear in Tahoe. Shortly after, the very first BEARPAW boot style was created, called EVA. Since then, the EVA has evolved into our ELLE boot, and is still the most popular shoe style in the company’s collection. Both EVA and ELLE embodied the BEARPAW lifestyle with their warmth and effortless style. The BEARPAW team now creates shoe styles for all walks of life, so you can live life comfortably wherever you are.
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