FOR INDIVIDUALS SEEKING TO ACHIEVE THE EXTRAORDINARY At Baffin, we believe that product testing shouldn’t end in a factory or lab, so we take our product to the most extreme environments on the planet. Knowing that our product succeeds in these places gives us confidence that it will succeed for others, anywhere on Earth. Our promise is to provide extreme outdoor performance and work footwear that allows you to challenge yourself, whether on a job site or on your coldest adventure. In May of 2010, Paul Hubner, Chief Testing Officer, trekked to Machu Picchu wearing a pair of Baffins. The product succumbed to the environment and experience, which some may have seen as a failure. At Baffin we see this as an opportunity to refine and better our product. Since those shoes failed for Paul, Baffin improved and corrected them so they won't fail for you. This is one of the great examples of why we continue to challenge our product in real-world situations.
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