Automatic Fisherman

Automatic Fisherman
We wanted to make a product that will help fisherman consistently catch any size or species of freshwater fish through the ice. We believe we’ve done that by creating the Automatic Fisherman. This device was created in the mid 70’s and refined to what it is today a very effective fishing tool. People have copied it but the concept is so simple the original is still the best. SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT IS A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL, KEEP READING AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY THE AUTOMATIC FISHERMAN IS THE BEST HOOKSETING DEVICE ON THE MARKET. One of the key parts of the Automatic fisherman unit is the slack bobber system. When you use the slack bobber on the rod you have the ability to adjust the amount of slack line the fish get before the unit sets the hook. This is very important when fish get hard to catch, the slack bobber can be adjusted to let a fish have up to two feet of pure slack line before the rod sets the hook. If you are going after aggressive fish like Northern Pike, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Kokanee salmon, Catfish, Bass, Carp, and Blue-gills you don’t need to let the fish have a bunch of slack. I would only let them have about 3 inches of slack line. When you are going afterfiniky fish like Walleye, Perch, Crappies and Whitefish you may want to use the slack bobber I like to let them have 2 feet of slack line. The Automatic Fisherman™ consists of a rectangular base with a rod holder on one side and two small raised tabs that a vertical arm is fastened to with a nut and a bolt. This vertical arm is known as the trigger arm. This trigger arm is adjustable to accommodate fishing rods from 23 inches to 38 inches. This trigger arm should move freely so it falls down when the fishing rod is not attached. The trigger arm has a hole located at the top for a light. There are two oval holes located on the face of the trigger arm that the stainless steel trigger can be placed into. The top oval hole is for most rods, the bottom one is if you need more hook set power in the rod. On the bottom of the base there is a stabilizer bar that can be retracted out from the base to give the unit a stable platform people have used snow from the ice drill to cover the arm up to lock it into the ice. At the end of the day if it looks like it froze in the ice don’t worry just kick the rod holder and the unit will come out of the ice. Other product will break and you will need to buy another one, If ours ever breaks don’t worry it has a 20 year replacement warranty and you will get a new one. When you have the Automatic fisherman set correctly for the species of fish you are after, you should never have to chase flags again. The Automatic fisherman was designed to have the fishing rod set the hook when the fish is swimming away from the hole. After the hook is set the fishing rod lets you fight the fish on a rod and reel system making it more fun for everyone involved. The stainless steel trigger system is what makes our system stand out it. It is so simple and its very effective: the trigger pin can be adjusted so YOU CAN USE SMALL MICRO JIGS AND catch blue-gills,crappies, perch and small trout or salmon. Or you can BEND THE PIN A little bit and SET IT UP WITH GOLDEN SHINERS FOR WALLEYE pike and trout or ADJUST A LITTLE MORE TO PUT A LIVE 10″CRAPPIE OR BLUEGILL FOR BAIT FOR BIG PIKE if need be. It is one of the most versatile triggers out there. It also has a 20 year replacement warranty on it. No other product will have a warranty like that, so it should tell you it is a awesome system. Using the Automatic Fisherman™ is like you are at every hole you have it set up at and it should increase your hooking percentage if used correctly.
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