Allen Vanish Camo Burlap, 12ft x 56in - Mossy Oak Obsession

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Keep out of sight in the field with Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country™ camoflauge burlap fabric by Allen Company. The weather-resistant burlap fabric can form a quick improvised hunting blind and can withstand severe weather conditions. You can create a hunting blind with this tough, rugged, long lasting camouflage fabric. This burlap allows air flow and noiseless movement and is easy to setup. The portable hunting blind is glare-free, and is made of a highly breathable and flexible fabric allowing for your ground blind to be easily transportable to and from the field. Overall camouflage fabric measures 54-inches wide x 12-feet long.

Product Features

  • HUNTING BLIND: Burlap fabric can be used for multiple projecting, offering a perfect solution for making ground blinds, waterfowl blinds, goose blinds, & concealed treestands
  • ULTIMATE CONCEALMENT: Camouflage fabric is breathable, easy-to-setup, produces noiseless movement, & very durable
  • DURABILITY: Made of tough, rugged, long lasting material having the ability to withstand sever weather conditions
  • GLARE-FREE: Fabric is made with a glare-free finish & conceals lightly without impairing vision
  • BURALP FABRIC: Overall fabric measures 12-feet long x 56-inches wide
  • Mossy Oak® Obsession®
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