All-Terrain Tackle

All-Terrain Tackle
Great products are often born from a create something that doesn’t exist or to create something that is better than anything else out there. Steve Hauge did both. He founded All-Terrain Tackle to produce bass jigs that were exceptional quality, unique and more importantly would catch fish. With a quality, tested bass jig rolling off the lines, Hauge recruited some of the best bass anglers in the Midwest to use his jigs. Not only did they use them, they won tournaments and cashed some pretty nice checks, using All-Terrain Tackle. So the word quickly spread, and All-Terrain Tackle took off. Eventually, the popularity of the brand that it warranted growth of the company —including expanded R&D, production, marketing, and sales functions. So Hauge partnered with an industry leader…Clam Pro Tackle, to join forces and continue to build on the growth of the brand. So with a combination of incredible tackle knowledge and experience, All-Terrain Tackle is continuing to grow. But the goal is still the same… produce a high-quality jig that catches fish. In addition to using quality hooks and durable powder-coating, Hauge designed a key feature to fix a common issue for bass anglers… a patented bait keeper that prevents the plastics from sliding down the hook. And he continued to refine the line with popular colors, jig heads, and a textured underside of the jig that improved sensitivity and feel. This trademark Terrain Tread® would eventually become the signature of All-Terrain jigs.
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