About us

Frank's Great Outdoors was founded in 1945 by Frank and Margaret Gorske. Frank's Great Outdoors (Originally named "Frank's Bait and Tackle"), maintained its status as a small bait shop selling live bait and a small amount of tackle until its expansion in 1973.. Frank and Margaret's objective was simple: provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate advise on, and explain the use of ALL of their products.

We've Grown Since Then. . .

Frank's Great Outdoors has answered its customer's demands for more high quality goods and services with the construction of a 30,000 sq. ft. retail store, that houses products in departments such as fishing, hunting, marine electronics, clothing, cooking, and gifts.

Broad Horizons. . .

As Frank's Great Outdoors continues to grow and expand, it's owners and personnel will operate with the same principles and ideas that Frank and Margaret instilled in 1945. Frank's Great Outdoors, now under it's third generation of Gorske ownership, will continue to employ knowledgeable staff and personnel that will assist you, the customer, in making the best purchasing decision for your outdoor recreation..

A Dedication to Quality, Friendliness, and Knowledge. . .There are two reasons that customers continue to call upon Frank's Great Outdoors for all of their outdoor recreational needs:

  • The staff at Frank's Great Outdoors is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Why? Simple. The staff at Frank's Great Outdoors USE what they sell. They know what's best because they've USED it. Their first-hand experience is what enables them to recommend the best products to you, the customer -- with 100% confidence.
  • The vast range of products and services that Frank's Great Outdoors offers covers all aspects of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Also, if Frank's Great Outdoors doesn't have what the customer needs, they will strive to get the product FAST!

Thanks For Shopping!