13 Fishing Glidesdale 185 mm 2.5 oz.

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After several years of testing and development, the 13 Fishing Glidesdale Glidebait delivers big fish catching performance at a price that simply can’t be beaten. Built with a reinforced single joint hinge and a hydrodynamic profile, the 13 Fishing Glidesdale Glidebait provides an ultra smooth and wide “S” shaped swimming action that draws in big fish from a great distance and triggers ferocious strike. It also features a highly realistic baitfish body shape and a soft tail that creates a natural profile and lifelike presentation to fool even the wariest of bass.

Ideal for fishing the upper part of the water column, the 13 Fishing Glidesdale Glidebait is tuned for a slow sink rate and is perfectly balanced to maintain its swimming action without rolling over at any retrieve speed. Armed for battle as well, it comes equipped with premium VMC chemically sharpened black nickel treble hooks that are forged from high carbon steel to provide rock solid hook sets and the power needed to land big fish. Covered in a highly detailed finish and fitted with 3D eyes, the 13 Fishing Glidesdale Glidebait is the ultimate weapon to go after your next personal best.

13 Fishing Length Weight Class Hook
Glidesdale 6.6" 2-1/2oz Slow Sink #1
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