Eagle FishMark 480

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The new FishMark 480 is the absolute best buy in LCD fishfinders today, comparing features to price. Superior 480 x 480 pixel resolution, target separation and power. The all-new choice of tournament pros! DISPLAY: 5" (12.7 cm) diagonal screen. Film SuperTwist LCD. High-definition 480 x 480 pixel resolution. Amber LED backlit screen and keypad. 16-level grayscale. SONAR: Depth capability to 800 ft. (244 meters) with 1500 watts of peak-to-peak power. High-performance, low-profile 200 kHz Skimmer transducer with built-in temp sensor delivers up to 60 degrees of fish detection are with high sensitivity settings - Operates at boat speeds up to 70 mph (61 knots). Trolling speed and distance log readings available with purchase of an optional sensor included in the FishMark 480 Plus. FishReveal feature exposes fish targets hidden in surface clutter, weed beds, thermoclines, and other types of underwater cover. HyperScroll feature locates and displays fish targets at higher boat speeds. FasTrack vertical bar flasher displays real-time sonar returns and relative strength of each target. Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) automatically adjusts your settings for the best sonar picture. Patented GRAYLINE separates fish from nearby structure and bottom. Advanced Fish I.D. shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols. FishTrack displays target depth readings above fish symbols. Surface water temperature readings come from a built-in temp sensor in the transducer. Unique display feature lets you combine a panel of sonar data readings with your sonar graph in one easy-to-read display. Zoom with zoom bottom tracking and easy zoom-in/out control. Selective on/off sonar alarms: Shallow, Deep, Fish and Zone. PERFORMANCE: High-speed screen updates during depth range changes for uninterrupted viewing. Internal back-up memory for key sonar settings. Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments. Full one-year warranty.

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