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Fishing Report's

Captain Andy's Fishing Report

Updated  01/29/16

Hi There Fellow Fisherman, Captain Andy here with this week’s Fishing Report. I wish I had better things to report but as for now Mother Nature has kicked us square in the hind end. After the 3 day southwest wind we are only left with ¼ to ½ mile of shore ice that you can walk on from the Bay City State Park all the way up to Linwood. From Linwood to the north you will find ice that goes out further depending on what road you choose but once again only good walking ice, so proceed with extreme caution. On the bright side, there should be fish chasing bait under the ice in the shallow water so you don’t have travel too far to get to your spot.

Ice fishing on inland lakes has been going strong and we have the best live bait from spikes and wigglers to goldens and sucker decoys so stop in on your way. The sign up deadline for the Frozen Frenzy is January 31st so make sure you’re in. This year there are more ways to win and with the proceeds going to the kids fishing program @ the Bay City State Recreation Area there is no reason to pass it up.

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From Captain Andy and the crew at Frank’s, Good Luck And Good Fishing!

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