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Captain Andy's Fishing Report

Updated  12/03/14

Hi There Fellow Fisherman, Captain Andy here with this week’s Fishing Report. 

Old man winter has been poking around but just won’t settle in yet. There has been good shore ice forming and some of the cuts and marinas have some tip toe ice but that’s all for now. There were a few anglers that got to take advantage of some of the first ice perch fishing and did well but when the wind picked up it blew the ice away. I’m sure the 40 degree days and the rain didn’t help much either however one good cold spell and things could be great for ice fishing.

Walleye action has been steady in the Saginaw river casting from shore with stick baits or if the weather permits you can do well out on the bay in 12-16 feet trolling with our custom painted husky jerks or the new flicker shads. Fall fishing is some of the best if you can brave the cold, so get out and take advantage of it before things ice up.

Shanty days is December 12th through the 14th so plan to stop in and get the best deals and selection of the year. While you’re in make sure you sign up for the first ever Linwood Frozen Frenzy walleye tournament. The contest runs from February 1st through the 28th and you will receive a custom JD’s spoon with your $10 entry fee, with a top prize of $5000 there is no reason not to get in.

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From Captain Andy and the crew at Frank’s, Good Luck And Good Fishing!

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Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Updated 10/11/14

Hey Everybody, 

The river walleye are back, pretty much right on fall schedule. Though, these first few arrivals appear at first glimpse to be a lot bigger then the usual first arrivals of recent years past. Again, the little 7 to 10 inch walleyes that plagued your catch for 3 years in a row seem to be absent in the catch again so far this year. The big walleyes we caught last Friday were fat, well fed and carrying plenty of half mature eggs to do their part keeping the string of natural productivity going. All were caught using two of my favorite techniques, pumping lead core with #5 shad raps and jigging jigs tipped with a variety of plastics.

Also, even though the water temps are ideal and the river is full of tiny little shad, the perch river run has yet to show much results. Fishermen are finding a few good numbers and size on the Bay, but it sometimes takes a few moves to different locations to find them. We've had some strange and over all cooler weather this summer. I believe it kept a lot of the walleye in the inner Bay this year. I did find a 6 inch perch in the stomach of one of the 4 pounders I kept Friday. I generally throw back anything bigger for better taste value, and we threw back 3 walleyes at or over 6 pounds. I'm not sure how this would effect the perch numbers or their time table for entering the river, but it might. This of course could all change tomorrow, that's how fishing is. If you get out, be safe, fish smart and tight lines. Capt. Dan.


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