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Captain Andy's Fishing Report

Updated  03/31/14

Hi There Fellow Fisherman, Captain Andy here with this week's Fishing Report

Spring temps are starting to arrive and the ice is going fast. The rivers and drains are all flowing good and most of the areas that you could drive off the end of the road and park are sloppy and muddy, so it’s probably time to put the ice stuff away or you may end up with an icy bath. Unfortunately this is the time when the fishing is pretty good and some guys like to push it to the limit but I like to take this opportunity to get my gear ready for the upcoming spring seasons. We are in the middle of switching the store back to summer mode and new merchandise is arriving daily.With all of the melting snow and the spring rains the rivers are starting to heat up with good steelhead action and as soon as the rifle breaks loose it should be loaded with suckers. Turkey season is just around the corner and I think we are all ready for some warm air so get ready because it will be here before you know it.

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From Captain Andy and the crew at Frank’s, Good Luck And Good Fishing!

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Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Updated 01/29/14

Hey Folks.

Both the bite and the safe ice on the Saginaw Bay seems to be holding up. Some cracks have become open or heaved up in places because of intense winds lately, but slow going and picking your areas to cross is always best anyway. The Low light feeding hours are always best for walleye on the Bay. That can change on certain days during low cloud cover, when the wind is blowing or when there is a front of any kind coming in. This has always been the case for years. High no-wind/sunny days can be tough out there. Working and/or tricking any fish that comes into the hole to bite during this kind of day is the best thing to try. Pull out every jigging technique you have in your arsenal when you see a fish come in. If the fish bolts immediately, omit that technique on the next fish. If he follows your offering up, keep teasing him and watch for that light and very timid take.

 The river bite has also been good one day and bad the next. Same goes for the daily spots selected up or down river to fish. Some early spring female spawners always make their way into the river long before the ice breaks up. They of course are followed in by the hordes of eager young males. And with lots of food in the river system again this year, both sexes (like the ones on the Bay) seem to be more eager to bite/feed during low light periods. Jigging Raps have been the ticket, with some colors (as always) doing better than others this year. As always, fish smart, be safe and tight lines.  Capt. Dan. 

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