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Captain Andy's Fishing Report

Updated  01/30/14

Hi There Fellow Fisherman, Captain Andy here with this week’s Fishing Report. 

Ice conditions are improving out on the Saginaw Bay, but there are some open spots around 3 miles out off of Linwood road so proceed with extreme caution as always. Many anglers are finding 6 to 10 inches of good ice but anything can happen out there so be prepared. The best reports on walleye have been as shallow as 6 feet and as deep as 18' as well as some nice catches of perch in 6 to 8 feet north of Pinconning. The Saginaw river fishing has remained steady up stream where you may have to catch 30 fish to get 5 keepers but the bigger fish seem to be at the mouth of the river for now.

Make sure you’re signed up for the Linwood Frozen Frenzy. Deadline to enter is January 31st at 7 p.m.! It starts February 1st and goes for the whole month. All proceeds go to Bay City State Park Kids for Fishing program, and Linwood Bicentennial Park Baseball Diamonds. Just $10 to get in and a top prize of $5000(based on 2000 entries) for the biggest walleye taken on the Saginaw Bay and it's tributaries, and pays to top 15 places.

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From Captain Andy and the crew at Frank’s, Good Luck And Good Fishing!

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Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Captain Dan's Fishing Report

Updated 10/11/14

Hey Everybody, 

The river walleye are back, pretty much right on fall schedule. Though, these first few arrivals appear at first glimpse to be a lot bigger then the usual first arrivals of recent years past. Again, the little 7 to 10 inch walleyes that plagued your catch for 3 years in a row seem to be absent in the catch again so far this year. The big walleyes we caught last Friday were fat, well fed and carrying plenty of half mature eggs to do their part keeping the string of natural productivity going. All were caught using two of my favorite techniques, pumping lead core with #5 shad raps and jigging jigs tipped with a variety of plastics.

Also, even though the water temps are ideal and the river is full of tiny little shad, the perch river run has yet to show much results. Fishermen are finding a few good numbers and size on the Bay, but it sometimes takes a few moves to different locations to find them. We've had some strange and over all cooler weather this summer. I believe it kept a lot of the walleye in the inner Bay this year. I did find a 6 inch perch in the stomach of one of the 4 pounders I kept Friday. I generally throw back anything bigger for better taste value, and we threw back 3 walleyes at or over 6 pounds. I'm not sure how this would effect the perch numbers or their time table for entering the river, but it might. This of course could all change tomorrow, that's how fishing is. If you get out, be safe, fish smart and tight lines. Capt. Dan.


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